Subdivision Prep in Montgomery, TX

Planning or designing a subdivision?

It’s much more than simply developing a property—you’re creating a well-designed space for families to live and thrive. As with any construction project, it all starts with great site preparation. Randy Roan Construction Inc. is experienced with subdivision preparation in Montgomery, Conroe, and Dobbin, TX and surrounding areas, ready to help you start your housing community the right way.

Our commitment to accuracy and excellence makes us a trusted partner for large-scale developers who need a plug-and-play site prep contractor they can rely on. We’re able to work at-scale, no matter how large or complex your planned community is.

Subdivision Site Preparation

When you’re ready to break ground on a new subdivision, multi-family housing project or other residential community, we’re the experts in subdivision preparation in Montgomery, TX and surrounding areas. It’s our goal to prepare your site to not only be functional and practical, but also to be appealing and attractive for future residents. Our site preparation services include both roadwork and drainwork.

Subdivision Roadwork

We handle all roadwork for your subdivision project, including asphalt paving. We typically provide asphalt paving services along with subdivision drainwork installation to ensure proper drainage and a uniform look throughout the development. Our skilled team has the experience and dedication to construct safe, durable roads, parking lots, driveways and more.

Subdivision Drainwork

Every subdivision development needs proper sitework to reduce the chance of troublesome issues including erosion and utility malfunctions after residents have moved in. We handle all subdivision drainwork preparation and installation. Our services include grading the site; installing sanitary; storm and water utilities installation and curbing and sidewalk installation to provide proper drainage.

Setting the Stage for Your Subdivision

Randy Roan Construction Inc. is proud to play a role in building safe neighborhoods in Montgomery, TX. We’re excited to discuss your project with you. Contact us today at 936-449-6400. Trust our expert subdivision preparation team to get the job done on-time and on-budget so that your subdivision, land clearing, or underground utility installation project stays on schedule.