Underground Utility Installation in Montgomery, TX

It’s a complex job to install wet utilities, including the water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer.

These systems need to be installed the right way the first time so they work without fail for decades to come. Randy Roan Construction Inc. has over 24 years’ experience in underground utility installation in Montgomery, TX and surrounding areas. From trenching to proper depths to stabilizing underground utilities and plumbing, you’re in good hands with our team on-site.


Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our experience, provides superior results at affordable prices. We dig and install a new water main and all service lines to your new home or commercial space. Our work isn’t done after install, either. We perform a pressure test to make sure everything meets city and county specifications, then we flush the water main to ensure sanitary conditions. To wrap everything up, we tie the new main into the existing city main.


We install sewer line systems with heavy machinery and precision equipment, including pipe lasers and grade lasers. Our skilled team of technicians know how to install sewer mains properly so you won’t have to worry about them failing in the near-term. Trust our experienced team to take care of this crucial utility for your construction project.

Storm Drains

Our trained underground utility installation technicians know how to install a variety of storm systems to meet your needs. We’re fully trained to dig storm systems for both residential and commercial construction projects. We use modern technology and heavy machinery to safely and efficiently install a storm drain, to ensure proper drainage at your property.

Reliable Underground Utility Installation for New Construction

Randy Roan Construction Inc. has a wide range of experience installing underground utilities, and we’re the name to trust for wet utilities in Montgomery, Conroe, and Dobbin, TX and surrounding areas, including water main installation for both residential and commercial construction projects. We work carefully but efficiently to provide you with underground utilities you can always rely on.
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