An Overview of Common Misconceptions About Demolition

If building structures is construction, then demolishing them is simply destruction, right? Not exactly. When it comes to technical knowledge and expertise, demolition is just as complex as construction, and maybe even more so.

But for whatever reason, there seem to be several myths about demolition that rest on faulty assumptions. You might be wondering, “What is demolition actually about?” Well, it’s about a lot of things, with safety being the chief focus. Many times, before a new building can be constructed, the old one must be torn down. This article will deconstruct some common myths and misconceptions about demolition.

MYTH: Demolition is only about blowing up buildings

While footage of old buildings or stadiums imploding makes for compelling video, there’s much more to the demolition industry than that.

In fact, that type of demolition accounts for about 1 percent of all demolition projects. Most demolitions involve the use of heavy machinery like backhoes and excavators, not thousands of pounds of explosives.

MYTH: Anyone can knock down a building

This is one of the more dangerous myths about demolition. Just because demolition might seem like a simpler task than construction, that doesn’t mean it actually is.

Demolition experts undergo rigorous training regarding safety and technical standards because of the inherent danger demolition work presents. Many demolition experts continue to learn and train as they spend more time in the industry, with many of them specializing in certain types of demolition.

MYTH: Demolition is harmful to the environment

Demolitions are frequently ordered on buildings that aren’t up to code anymore or that have hazardous materials in them like asbestos. Demolishing these buildings and replacing them with more eco-friendly structures that are more energy efficient is actually good for the environment.

In addition, materials that are part of demolished structures are salvaged as much as possible so they can either be scrapped, reused or recycled. This reduces excess waste, conserves natural resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

MYTH: Demolition wipes out buildings with historical significance

In fact, it’s quite rare for a historical building to be demolished. Historical societies and city councils will likely take every possible measure to try to preserve, update or refurbish a building instead of having it demolished.

If a historical building is to be demolished it is usually only after the city council has signed off on it, and it is usually only done if the building has become treacherous for people to use and cannot be saved in any way.

MYTH: Demolition is always expensive

You might think that, given the planning, expertise and equipment necessary for the job, demolition is always going to be expensive. Compared to rebuilding a structure, it’s actually rather cost effective. When a developer is drawing up a plan to replace an existing building, the demolition process is usually only 2 percent of the projected costs. This means the price of demolition, when properly viewed in a construction context, isn’t very high at all.

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So, what is demolition actually about? It’s about safely and economically taking down structures that for one reason or another have become untenable. There are a lot of myths about demolition, but hopefully we’ve dispelled some of those for you today.

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