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The Challenges of Underground Utility Installation

Since utility installation has become a standard process, the challenges of underground utility installation are growing. Those challenges are also a result of the growing popularity of underground installation options, but those aren’t the only hurdles faced when dealing with underground utility challenges. Yes, obvious challenges of underground utility installation exist, but there are also unseen […]

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Digging Safely Around Underground Utilities

We deal with many construction processes at Randy Roan Construction, but one that comes up repeatedly is digging safety underground digging. This subject is incredibly important because there are many reasons to dig in the ground, but they need to be aware of the dangers, such as underground utility lines.  Processes That One Might Need to […]

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Everything You Should Know About Underground Utility Color Codes

If you’ve ever had any work performed at your home that required digging, you undoubtedly realized that someone came out to your property to place colored flags in your yard or spray-paint your grass. These professionals were marking utility lines to ensure they weren’t severed during the project. This post will cover what the color […]

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