The Challenges of Underground Utility Installation

Since utility installation has become a standard process, the challenges of underground utility installation are growing. Those challenges are also a result of the growing popularity of underground installation options, but those aren’t the only hurdles faced when dealing with underground utility challenges.

Yes, obvious challenges of underground utility installation exist, but there are also unseen issues — this is underground, after all. There are obstacles at every stage of the process when it comes to underground utility challenges.

Common Challenges of Underground Utility Installation Underground utility challenges

One of the first challenges faced with underground utility installation begins with trenching. It is actually the fact that before digging even begins, careful and thoughtful planning must happen.

This planning will include determining the type of terrain and machinery needed. Additionally, it will require locating and defining any known deterrents and potential underground obstacles (e.g., other underground lines, tree roots, etc.). 

Those aforementioned underground lines are also a legal issue. Before digging, the law requires excavators to call the Underground Service Alert number. That will require a minimum of a three-day notice, leading to another hurdle.

Managing budgets, timelines, and various crews needed is another step in the planning process. These are all the basic hurdles that must be dealt with, even before trenching begins.

Impassable routes are often an issue for underground utility installation services. In these cases, and sometimes a preferred option, a technique called horizontal directional drilling is employed. While more costly, it creates less disturbance to the environment.

Working with the other underground networks and existing utilities is also anything but cut and dried. It may involve using existing underground tunnels, simply referred to as utility tunnels, that continually house more lines and utility networks and services.

That will also require coordinating with other utility providers and potentially working with other underground service providers. Yes, there are many challenges to underground utility installation, but many advantages too.

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