The Different Types of Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is the process of taking down commercial buildings, such as hotels, malls, hospitals, and others, to clear the land for constructing a new building. It is a complicated and overwhelming process involving implosions and explosions, the use of heavy machinery, safety precautions, and proper planning to protect surroundings and people. There are several methods of commercial demolition, including the following: 

Types of Commercial Demolition Building Demolition Types 

Depending on the way demolition is completed, it can be one of three types:

  • Demolition by implosion or explosion. This method of demolition is great for saving time and money. Moreover, it is also one of the safest methods for everyone who is involved in the process. If you decide to use this method, you must hire a professional and experienced contractor with all the necessary permissions and licenses. 
  • Demolition by hand. It is definitely the slowest option because demolition is conducted manually. However, at the same time, this option is perfect for those who want to be careful. If you want to recover most of the parts of the building for future use, including cables and electrical wiring, demolition by hand is the best method. In order to complete this demolition safely, it is important to start it from the roof and work down floor by floor. 
  • Demolition by machines. This method is the most common and is widely used for many commercial projects. Demolition conducted by machines is quite a complicated process and requires experience and skills. It can be done only by professionals who know how to operate demolition equipment. 

Regardless of the type of demolition you choose, it is important to disconnect every service before starting the process, ensure that you have access to all the necessary equipment, and be ready to implement the required safety procedures in case radioactive or hazardous materials are found. 

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