Warning Signs That Your Storm Drain Needs Repairs

Storm drains often get overlooked because they’re not out in the open, but they’re an essential component of our infrastructure. Without properly working storm drains, our streets would flood every time it rains.

They’re designed to last for decades, but storm drains may need to be repaired every now and then. Keep reading to learn how to tell that it’s time for repairs and what is involved in storm drain maintenance.

How to know if a storm drain needs repairing

The first sign that something’s up with a storm drain is a sinkhole in a yard near the drain. The sinkhole is due to soil falling into the area of the storm drain system that needs to be fixed. If you notice anything strange in your yard, call a professional to solve the issue.

You might also notice water collecting around the drain instead of flowing down into the system. This is likely due to a clog caused by fallen debris. Try to free up the clog yourself, but if it’s too much, call a professional to clear it out.

A storm drain that’s severely damaged can even cause flooding in your basement or crawl space—this is the worst-case scenario! Of course, flooding and water damage can happen for all sorts of reasons, so hire a contractor to perform an assessment.

What is involved in storm drain maintenance?

A little maintenance can go a long way in protecting your storm drain. Following these steps can keep your storm drain working as intended for many years:

  • Gutter cleaning: Storm drain maintenance starts up on your roof. Cleaning out your gutters twice a year prevents debris from getting stuck near the drain and causing all sorts of problems. There are plenty of gutter cleaning contractors for homeowners who dread the task.
  • Building: Be careful if you’re putting up a new fence or any other structure in your yard—you could accidentally block the storm drain water path, leading to a flooded yard and a massive cleanup project. Obtain all necessary permitting to ensure this doesn’t happen.

How can you prevent future damage?

Knowing what is involved in storm drain maintenance and following those protocols should keep you out of harm’s way; however, you can take this one step further by only working with a trusted professional to install or repair storm drains.

Choosing a cut-rate contractor might save you a few bucks now, but you’ll be dealing with a massive headache down the road when their work turns out to be subpar. Do your research by reading reviews and looking up credentials to ensure you only hire a reputable team.

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