Why Storm Drains Are Important for Any New Development

With housing prices at an all-time high and supply still considerably low compared to demand, there is a necessity for new housing developments all over the country. When someone is going to develop a new housing project, it remains important for both the homes and the local infrastructure to be built the right way. One part of this for any new subdivision construction or redevelopment is to have an efficient stormwater drainage system in place.

What Is a Stormwater Drainage System?

Are stormwater drains important? What do stormwater drains do? How does stormwater drainage work exactly? Many people ask these questions. The answer to the first question is yes, a stormwater system is very important. Stormwater drains use a system of structures and underground channels and pipes to transport stormwater from a home and subdivision to another area. Generally, the water will be directed toward a local lake, river or water retention pond.

Benefits of Proper Stormwater Drainage

Now that you understand how stormwater drainage works, it is important to understand the various benefits that come when a subdivision and community have a proper stormwater drainage system in place.

Prevent Water Intrusion in Homes

One of the benefits of having a proper stormwater drainage system is that it can help to prevent water intrusion in your homes. Having a dry basement that is properly water sealed and protected is very important and can add usable space to your home. While you can have a strong foundation and sump pump system, if there is too much stormwater in the area it could eventually seep into the bottom structure of the home. With proper drainage, the buildup of water can be reduced, and it will help prevent water damage.

Avoid Erosion

Depending on where the homes are located, erosion can be a significant concern. If the ground erodes too quickly, it could cause significant structural challenges for any property. Fortunately, this risk can be reduced if excess stormwater is efficiently drained from the area.

Protect Infrastructure

The use of proper storm drains is also important as it can help to protect the underground infrastructure of the community. Any housing development is going to require various wires and pipes to be buried underground. If there is too much stormwater built up, it could start to cause damage underground. The use of a proper drainage system can help avoid this type of damage.

Any contractor that is working to develop a new housing development and subdivision needs to ensure the stormwater drainage system is working properly. A proper stormwater system will help to drain local stormwater away from the community and homes and into a local water source, such as a lake or retention pond. Ultimately, these systems can help protect the homes, prevent erosion and keep the properties clean and free of excess debris buildup.