The Most Common Construction Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Construction sites can be filled with injury risks and hazards. Understanding the different types of injuries that commonly happen on job sites can help you avoid them. Foremen, supervisors, and managers are responsible for keeping employees safe while they are working. This quick guide will provide information on common types of construction site injuries and how to avoid them for better jobsite safety. 

Equipment Injuries

Equipment injuries, including tool injuries, are among the most common injuries on job sites. Equipment injuries are often a result of poor training with the use of the tools at hand. It is critical that employees are trained properly in the use of the tools they are expected to handle. Lack of proper training can lead to a construction injury. 

Another common cause of equipment injuries results from outdated or poorly maintained equipment. Using old, faulty, or outdated equipment can result in serious injuries. You should note that employers are held accountable for injuries of this nature. This is why it is so important that proper training is provided to all workers to ensure that equipment is used correctly, and why proper maintenance should always be practiced.

Worker Fatigue

Another common cause of job site accidents and injuries is employee fatigue. It is very important that workers operating large machinery, equipment, or vehicles, are well-rested and alert while performing their duties. Employers and supervisors should encourage workers to take breaks when they feel they need them, especially if they are involved in physically tiring work.

Not only will fatigue endanger the safety of the tired employee, but it also poses a safety risk to other employees working with them as well.  Workers must also avoid taking medications that could impede their ability to stay alert and focused while operating equipment and performing their tasks.

Bone and Joint Injuries

Many types of work tasks that involve repetitive movements can lead to injuries. These types of injuries are often more subtle than other types because they do not show up immediately. Rather, these types of injuries manifest after long exposure to repetitive movements.

These types of injuries can be avoided by training employees on proper lifting techniques. You can also cut down on the instances of these injuries in the following ways:

  • Frequent breaks from heavy lifting
  • Use cranes and forklifts whenever possible for heavy loads
  • Use proper footwear and clothing to reduce strain
  • Use stretching and strengthening exercises to decrease the instance of injury

Confined Space Injuries

A confined space on a job site is defined as any small space in which a person cannot move about freely. It is sometimes necessary for workers to go into confined spaces. However, they must be properly trained to work safely in these spaces. You can cut down on injuries in confined spaces in the following ways:

  • Use proper training for confined spaces
  • Use proper equipment in confined spaces
  • Use proper communication in confined spaces
  • Do not enter flooded spaces