What Is Site Prep

In the world of construction, there are many working parts, and much of what happens is often unseen. When we think of construction, we often envision cranes, steel beams hanging 100 feet above the ground, or the sound of machinery humming, hammering, and working. What we don’t often imagine, however, is the work of site preparation and the construction site prep teams clearing, prepping, and laying the project groundwork.

Construction Site Prep: The Unsung Hero

Your college alma mater, and those facilities that you have such fond memories of, were once likely nothing more than a grove of trees. That state-of-the-art office building you drive to every day in that beautiful part of town may have been nothing more than a row of decaying and condemned houses in a run-down neighborhood.

These are just a few scenarios where construction site prep made everything that followed possible. From running the groundwork and lines for utility services to prepping the ground (e.g., land clearing, paving, etc.), site prep is the unsung hero in the construction industry.

The Benefits of Professional Construction Site Prep

From the smallest to the largest construction projects, crews and project success relies on working with and within timelines. Delivering projects on time and under budget requires minimizing delays and avoiding interruptions or snags.

In construction, when one part of the project is delayed, it will often delay and interfere with the work and progress of other crews on the project. That is only one of many examples of how delays in construction can have a chain-reaction effect and why professional construction site prep services are so valuable.

If you are planning a construction project, step one should be to evaluate the groundwork, and seek the assistance of a professional site prep crew. At Randy Roan Construction Inc., we offer a range of services, including construction site preparation for projects large and small.

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