Off Season Construction Equipment Maintenance

Summer,tires,on,a,road,winter,wheel,off.,change,aOff Season Construction Equipment Maintenance

When the weather turns cold and construction jobs slow down, heavy equipment owners often put their bulldozers, excavators and other heavy machinery in storage. This can take a toll on these machines if they are not taken care of properly. The good news is that this can be prevented through a routine maintenance program. By following a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and performing routine inspections, contractors can reduce the likelihood of failures.


One of the most important things to check when performing off season maintenance for heavy construction equipment is the filters. Not only are filters important for keeping the air circulating properly, they also keep dust from entering the engine. If your filter is dirty, it can have a big impact on how well the machine operates. In fact, a clean filter can increase performance and energy efficiency by up to 5 times! A clean filter will not only improve system performance but can help extend the life of your equipment. In addition, a clean filter can save you money on your utility bill by reducing energy consumption by up to 15%!


Tires are the first line of protection for any vehicle, absorbing the shock and energy from the road’s rough surfaces to help you stay safe. They also help you avoid accidents by transferring power to the ground and providing traction, so it’s important that they are in good working order. To keep your tires in top shape, inspect them frequently for cuts, cracks, bulges or penetrations. These can cause tire damage and lead to costly repairs. Inspect the air pressure of each tire as well, making sure that they are inflated to the correct level. Proper inflation can help to prevent blowouts and reduce fuel usage. If you’re replacing tires on your equipment, be sure to choose the same ply rating as the old ones. Mixing tires with different ply ratings can decrease a machine’s carrying capacity and impact its performance. Checking the tires is an easy way to ensure that your heavy equipment remains in good working order, especially during off season maintenance. Regularly performing these inspections can keep your equipment running smoothly, which will save you money on maintenance costs in the long run.


The battery is the heart of your electric forklift, and without it your lift truck cannot function properly. Performing regular battery maintenance can save your business money and improve performance. Batteries are designed specifically for construction equipment and need to be built to withstand harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, and temperature shocks. If a battery is not functioning correctly it can lead to damage and costly repairs. A good way to check the battery is with a voltmeter and hydrometer. If the voltmeter reads higher than normal it may be a sign of a problem with the battery. Similarly, water levels in a battery are crucial because too little water can reduce cycle time and burn out the battery, while too much water will cause corrosion on the exterior of the battery. The battery’s electrolyte solution must be checked at the same time as each charge to ensure that enough solution covers the plates. The specific gravity of the electrolyte solution should also be tested.

Coolant Level

When performing off season maintenance for heavy construction equipment, a crucial step is checking the coolant level. This liquid helps to regulate the temperature of the engine and transfer heat away from it. It contains additives that prevent it from freezing below 32 degrees and overheating above 212 degrees. It’s also important to check concentration levels and antifreeze-to-water ratio to make sure the cooling system can perform properly and keep the engine from overheating. In addition, it’s important to inspect the coolant hoses to ensure they’re in good shape and don’t need replacing. Getting a thorough coolant level check isn’t the most time-consuming or complicated part of heavy construction equipment maintenance but can be a critical component in keeping your team safe and comfortable this summer. By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to a successful and productive summer of work. Don’t hesitate to contact the site preparation professionals here at Randy Roan Construction Inc. if you have any questions or concerns about the maintenance your fleet requires this year!