Demolition 101: Everything You Need to Know

Demolition is often one of the first steps before a new structure can be built on a plot of land. Although it is part of the process, many homeowners are surprised to find out that demolition involves more than just ripping a structure down with heavy machinery.

Because it’s such an important process, this post will cover the basics of how demolition works in Conroe, TX and answer other questions you may have about the process:

  • Inspection: The first step in any demo project is getting an inspection. The inspection will determine the types of construction materials originally used, the construction method, if any hazardous materials are present and more. The results of the inspection will control how we proceed with the project.
  • Permitting: Just like with new construction, most cities require a demolition permit before any work begins. When you hire a professional for the project, they’ll take care of getting the documentation to spare you any hassle.
  • Disconnection: The next step in what goes into demolition in Conroe, TX is disconnecting the structure from all existing utilities, including gas, electrical, water, telephone and any other service.
  • Tearing down: Finally, it’s time to demolish the structure! Depending on the demolition method—which we’ll cover below—the crew will either use heavy equipment or tear it down by hand.
  • Hauling away: The final step is hauling all of the debris off of your property. We’ll use heavy machinery, dumpsters and large trailers to make this step go as quickly as possible.

What are the two types of demolition?

While the majority of the steps in how demolition works in Conroe, TX are the same, there are two different methods for teardown: mechanical demolition and demolition by hand.

Mechanical demolition is when we tear down an entire structure using heavy machinery or hydraulic excavators. Demolition by hand, also known as deconstruction or green demolition, is the process of manually deconstructing a structure by hand. With this form of demolition, we’ll often try to salvage as many materials as possible.

How much does demolition cost?

Mechanical demolition costs anywhere from $4,000 to $14,000, depending on the size of the building, the work required and construction materials. Because deconstruction takes longer, it can cost two or three times as much as mechanical demolition.

Can I perform demolition myself?

DIY-ers are often eager to demolish a structure by themselves. As long as you’ve followed the necessary steps prior to actual demolition, you may be able to tackle this project alone (or with help from some friends). However, this isn’t the best idea, even if you’re only planning on doing demolition by hand.

Not only is demolition a dangerous job, but it’s also time consuming. Instead of wasting your time and energy, just hire demo experts to take care of it.

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