Why Construction Site Preparation Is Always an Important Part of the Job

Unless you’ve been directly involved in a construction project, you may not realize that a ton of work must occur before the crew gets to work actually building the new structure. Whether it’s a small residential project or a commercial undertaking, proper site preparation in Conroe, TX is a must.

Neglecting to prepare the site may lead to accidents like cave-ins, an unstable foundation or other structural issues. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about construction site prep.

What’s involved in construction site preparation?

Construction site preparation isn’t a quick or easy task. These are a few of the things that must be accomplished before a crew sets to work:

  • Clearing: You can’t build a new structure if there are any obstacles in the way, so our first step is to clear and grade the land. This includes removing all trees, current buildings, underground infrastructure or anything else that might get in the way of the new structure.
  • Surveying: Once the land is cleared, a surveyor will need to come out to survey the area. This professional is responsible for defining property boundaries and determining where the structure can be built. Without a site survey, it’s unlikely that a contractor will be able to obtain a building permit.
  • Soil testing: The next step in construction site preparation in Conroe, TX is a soil test. This will determine the ground’s ability to absorb water and withstand the planned structure. For example, a site that includes soft clay or silt is subject to erosion, which isn’t conducive for any building. Depending on the results, the proposed project might need to be relocated to an area with more suitable soil.
  • Plan design: A construction site plan design can change every day. The design revision process starts after the soil test regarding the placement of underground infrastructure, roads, temporary buildings (like trailers) and more.
  • Site investigation: Finally, a geotechnical site investigation is performed to evaluate site conditions. This investigation includes examining the rock, soil and groundwater conditions on the site. If the investigation doesn’t go well, the architect’s plan may need to be adjusted, or the site may need to be relocated.

How long does it take to prepare a site?

The timeline for site preparation in Conroe, TX varies depending on the type and size of the project. For a basic residential project, you can expect the preparation to take between one and two months. For a large commercial project, prep can take a bit longer. With these larger projects, preparation companies bring in more manpower and machinery to tackle the job.

The most important thing is that site preparation isn’t rushed! Skipping any steps can result in disaster for the construction crew and long-term issues once the project is complete.

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