What Are Some Best Practices for Site Prep During the Winter?

Winter is a challenging time for even the most experienced construction teams. On a good day, construction—particularly site prep—is a tough job. Add in the potential for rain, snow, ice and strong winds, and the situation becomes even more complex. Make sure your next winter construction project goes according to plan with these simple tips on how to work on site preparation during the winter season.

Train your team for winter

Training your construction team is one of the most important considerations in terms of changes with site prep during the winter. OSHA sets out definitive regulations for winter site prep, and all appropriate employees must be trained and experienced when it comes to operating equipment in winter weather conditions. Use parking lots as a training area for new employees and let them shadow experienced operators to ensure everyone is working according to OSHA standards.

Plan ahead for work stoppages

When it comes to how to work on site preparation during the winter season, having a contingency plan is essential. No matter what type of construction project you’re working on, you need to plan in advance for the potential for bad weather. By planning in advance, your crew should expect to adjust their schedule—for example, working on a weekend if you’re dealing with high winds or precipitation on a weekday.

Plan for ice

There are some site prep tasks that you just can’t do when the ground is frozen, including installing fencing or laying out erosion control blankets. In the project planning stages, make sure you allocate time to handle all ground-related processes before the earth has a chance to freeze.

You’ll also need to expect muddy conditions whenever the ground starts to thaw. With some advance planning, you and your crew can keep machinery from getting stuck in the mud.

Walking on icy surfaces

Protect the safety of all workers on the jobsite by making sure they have the right footwear to work in slippery conditions. Send workers home until they return with the right foot gear, and always encourage them to take small steps to avoid slipping on ice.

Know when to call it a day

Surprise winter storms are becoming more common even in places like Texas. While northern states that endure months of winter weather have protocols in place for construction safety in cold weather, some Texas contractors are less experienced in handling the challenges of freezing temperatures and winter precipitation.

No matter what type of project you’re working on, choose a contractor who knows when to call it a day when weather conditions are prohibitive. Reputable companies understand the importance of advance planning and will protect the safety of their employees and the condition of their equipment by working around unexpected weather delays.

There are many changes in site prep to account for during the winter. Contact Randy Roan Construction Inc. today to learn more about them and to ensure your construction project starts off on the right foot—no matter the season.