Popular Equipment for Demolition and Deconstruction

Demolition and deconstruction are important steps when it comes to site prep. Along with following proper protocol, using the right equipment for the job can help any building project get off to a smooth start. So, what sorts of equipment are used for demolition and deconstruction? Read on to learn about some of the most common machines you’ll encounter on the jobsite.


When it comes to the types of equipment that are used in demolition and deconstruction, bulldozers are the most common. These powerful machines push large piles of material—the debris that’s come down from the structure. Each dozer has a large blade in the front that’s propelled by hydraulic pistons in the back of the machine. Their primary job is to lift the waste into trucks that haul it away from the site.

Wrecking balls

While wrecking balls are one of the most recognizable types of equipment used in demolition and deconstruction, they aren’t used as often as you might think. These machines feature a pear-shaped ball that is swung against structures to knock them down and loosen up material. Using a wrecking ball on a demolition site is a safe way to clear buildings—even taller ones—while workers stay safely on the ground.


Extremely tall demolition projects usually require the use of cranes. In some cases, the cranes can have wrecking ball attachments that help them loosen material from very high places. Other attachments include buckets and hydraulic claws.


Excavators are an essential machine to have on every demolition site. They’re powerful, efficient and steady, and are often used to loosen up and demolish mixed-material walls. They’re also used to remove debris from the site so demolition crews don’t need to physically walk over piles of dangerous, unstable materials.

Material handlers

These hydraulic machines are primarily used to grab fallen debris and remove it off-site. Featuring hydraulic grips and long arms, they give operators a wide range of vision as they work to clear the site.

Compact track loaders

Usually paired with a bucket, track loaders run on two parallel tracks that evenly distribute the weight of the machine to provide maneuverability over wet or sandy terrain. These machines dig, grade and carry material quickly and easily over the demolition site.

Skid steer loaders

Tiny and compact, skid steer loaders are versatile and perform a variety of tasks on a demolition site. They can maneuver in tight, challenging areas and can be paired with several tool attachments. In terms of demolition projects, they’re most often equipped with buckets to assist with material movement at the site.


Demolition teams often have a dedicated crew of operators who use hammers to break up strong, heavy materials like brick, stone and concrete. These hand-operated tools are very versatile and can even be mounted on external booms and excavators.

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