How Are Storm Drains Cleaned?

It’s not a process most people think about every day; yet, it’s an important task. If storm drains were never cleaned, myriad streets would be flooded, and towns across the nation would have serious drainage issues. Fortunately, since companies like Randy Roan Construction Inc. understand what happens when storm drains are cleaned, these systems receive the maintenance they need.

Of course, cleaning a storm drain isn’t the same as cleaning your bathroom sink drain. There are crucial steps to take and important things to keep in mind.

Here’s what to know about storm drain cleaning.

The process

One of the most effective cleaning methods for storm drains is hydro jetting. This process efficiently and effectively clears debris buildup to restore proper flow to the drain. It utilizes a hydro jetting machine, which blasts water into the drain at a pressure rate of up to 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch). This extreme pressure breaks up stubborn blockages.

To use this method, a water source is needed, as well as the hydro jetting machine. It is also important that the machine is operated by trained technicians who know how to safely and effectively handle the system.

For pipes that are smaller than 36 inches, flushing is a better method. It’s also important to note that storm flushing is less efficient when the length of the sewer line is greater than 700 feet.

Before hydro jetting or flushing is completed, it can be helpful to vacuum to first remove as much debris as possible. This will minimize the amount of debris that is washed into the end basin where the drain flows. It will also reduce the amount of water that is needed to clear the drain.

It can also be helpful to inspect the drain before cleaning to discover any problems with the drain. A video inspection is the easiest and most common method of inspection for storm drains.

With any method that is used, it is crucial to use environmentally-safe products when inspecting and cleaning storm drains. These systems flow into sources of fresh water such as rivers and lakes. To protect these water sources, always use safe storm drain-cleaning products.

The prevention

When storm drains become clogged, water can overflow. This leads to dangerous road conditions and unhealthy land erosion. To prevent these situations, it is recommended that storm drains be cleaned at least once each year. If the area is prone to dirt buildup or plugging, the cleaning should occur more frequently.

By cleaning storm drains and catch basins regularly, you can prevent emergency situations that result in property damage, personal injury and fees due to noncompliance.

To minimize the frequency of storm drain cleaning, clear away fallen leaves, and clean up trash around storm drains. It can also help to trim trees regularly in order to prevent dead branches from falling into storm drains and causing blockages.

The pros

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