How Is Land Cleared?

You have a piece of property that is overgrown. You want to clear it. What’s the first step? You need the right machinery. What equipment is used in land clearing? That depends. What is used in land clearing on one property may not be suitable for another setting.

To determine what equipment is used in land clearing, you must answer several important questions.

Use the following guide to determine how best to clear your land.

Questions to determine what equipment is used in land clearing

  • Will I be clearing the land myself or hiring a contractor for the job?
  • Do I want to remove all of the trees or just dead or damaged trees?
  • Do I want to remove smaller underbrush as well as trees?
  • Do I want to remove tree stumps?
  • Do I have a way to dispose of the debris? (Can I burn the trees and debris? Do I have a place to pile limbs where they can decompose over time?)
  • What is the topography of the land I want to clear? Is it flat or rolling?
  • Will I create an erosion problem by disturbing the vegetation and dirt?
  • How do I want to use the land once it is cleared? (Farming, yard, pasture, recreational, etc.)
  • What type of soil is present?
  • Is the land rocky or filled with other types of debris?

Types of equipment used in land clearing

Once you’ve answered the questions above, you should have the information you need to decide which machinery will be best for your land clearing project. Following are the most common pieces of equipment used for this job:

  • Bulldozer: These are designed for working slightly below ground level. If you don’t need to go very deep with your digging, a bulldozer might be the best option for your land clearing.
  • Track hoe: This equipment is made for working deep below the ground. If you need to remove large tree stumps or other items that go deep into the ground, a track hoe is probably your best bet.
  • Backhoe: These machines can handle both near-surface and deep, below-ground projects; however, both have limitations.
  • Forestry-equipped skid steer: These machines work best above ground level. They can be helpful for clearing brush on top of the soil or other loose debris.

Where to get the equipment you need

Of course, most people don’t have this equipment sitting around in their garage. You can rent the equipment, but this might not be your best option. If you don’t have experience operating this machinery, renting and using it might result in personal injury. It may also be a frustrating process as you try to learn how to operate the equipment.

For most, a better solution is to partner with a land clearing company. These experts have the machinery, knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently clear your land for you. No stress. No mess.

Let us clear your land

The professionals at Randy Roan Construction Inc. specialize in land clearing projects. Let us handle your land clearing with our equipment and expertise while you sit back and relax or devote your time to other projects. Reach us today at 936-449-6400 to get started.