Why Do Buildings Get Demolished?

One of the most common questions we get about building demolitions is: What needs to happen for a building to require demolition?

Typically, a building will be a candidate for demolition when it has degraded to the point where it is now an inherent hazard to any potential entrant and it runs the risk of collapse; however, buildings might also be demolished if another structure is intended to replace the standing building.

In some cases, only a partial demolition is necessary for a project, while in other cases, the entire building will need to be torn down.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common reasons for why buildings get demolished.


A building that was in the path of a natural disaster may need to be torn down if the damage was too extensive to make repairs financially feasible. This could happen with hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires or earthquakes.

All of these disasters could result in damage to a building that is so extensive that the cost to repair grows so high that it becomes more financially sensible to tear down the building and start over.

Poor maintenance

All buildings need to be maintained if they are to remain in good, usable condition. Buildings that have been neglected could become uninhabitable because it leads to those buildings becoming frail and allows certain forms of deterioration to accelerate.

For example, plumbing issues might start to arise that could lead to leaks or other malfunctions in the home. Roofs could begin to leak, resulting in water damage in the home. Foundations might start to crumble or leak if other portions of the home aren’t kept up. All of these issues could result in a need for demolition.


Sometimes buildings are slated for demolition and replacement because they have simply grown outdated. At some point, buildings reach a point in their lifespan where they are difficult or expensive to maintain because of their age and lack of updates. Unless these buildings are historical or are listed as heritage buildings, it often becomes more sensible to tear them down and replace them. This is especially true for buildings that lack modern-day utilities or safety standards.

In some cases, neglected buildings could also start to attract crime. This could lead to the building becoming a nuisance. Even if the building is actually in good structural condition, it may become necessary to tear the building down to prevent it from attracting illicit activity.

Whatever the reason for demolition, it is important to work with a demolition contractor who has plenty of experience in demolishing buildings of your type so the job can be done efficiently and safely. Work with a licensed, skilled contractor so you are protected from potential liability in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

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